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Massage cushion - perfect substitute

The benefits of exercise are always highlighted, but what tends to fall a little by the wayside is the all-important recovery. Without proper recovery, there is a risk that the body will eventually break down. Many people who would benefit from investing in a massage session tend to avoid it because of the money and time it takes. Luckily, Flowlife is here to help! How about our Flowpillow Heat massage cushion?

This multifunctional tool is easy to adapt to your personal preferences and specific needs. It can range from gentle trigger point treatment to more in-depth sports massage. You tell a massage therapist directly what pressure you want them to use - with a massage cushion; you do it yourself. The cushion has three different speed modes. The modes are:


This mode is similar to a pinpoint massage and is mainly for relaxation. The movement of the massage balls inside the cushion has a light impact that stimulates circulation, assisting the body to eliminate waste products.


This speed is excellent for tension, for example, in the shoulders and neck. This medium mode also works to remedy milder aches caused by exercise.


This speed is for the body's larger muscle groups. Athletes and active people use the third and fastest setting to deal with heavy muscle knots.

The Flowpillow Heat is also equipped with infrared light, generating heat. Heat dilates the blood vessels in the muscles and boosts blood circulation. Good circulation in the blood = better recovery process = better performance. It’s a circle of flow!

“I can recommend a massage cushion.”

Our award-winning product sometimes acts as a substitute for an actual massage therapist. Even a massage therapist agrees! We have been in contact with Mikaela Hammarström, a sports massage therapist at Hälsopartners.

 “I can recommend a massage cushion, especially a Flowpillow Heat, which I use myself. Another massage tool I use is the Flowgun. Flowgun PRO 2.0 is good for my thighs, and I use Flowpillow for my calves after a hard taekwondo or kickboxing session to release tension from all the kicking”, she says.

Does it make it easier if your massage clients use massage tools between treatments?
“I think it helps because it can relieve muscle tension and headaches and also have a relaxing effect. I always advise my clients on what they can do on their own between treatments, and it's usually appreciated.”

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