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Flowgun One

For those who live for adventure and have no time for pain. Flowgun One is your ultimate partner for deep tissue massage and rapid recovery. Equipped with Smart Pressure Technology, we offer you the ability to customize intensity and pressure according to your needs, ensuring a perfectly tailored recovery for any muscle group.


Smart Pressure Technology


12mm stroke length


Five speeds + Automode

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100-day risk-free trial


2 years warranty


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Our latest massage technology is housed in a sleek aluminum casing. With 3200 strokes per minute combined with a 12-millimetre stroke length, Flowgun One offers a unique massage experience—deep, powerful, and precise.

Let massage be part of a life in motion. Don't let pain, stiffness, and soreness limit you. Flowgun One takes care of your body so you can be your best self daily.

Flowgun One has five-speed levels

Innovative pressure technology applies to Flowgun One’s first three levels:

  • Speed level one starts at 1600 RPM, increasing to 2000 RPM when applying pressure.
  • Speed level two starts at 2000 RPM, increasing to 2600 RPM when applying pressure.
  • Speed level three starts at 2600 RPM, increasing to 3200 RPM when applying pressure.
  • Speed level four is set at 3200 RPM.
  • Level five activates auto-rotation mode. This mode allows the stroke speed to alternate between the different speed levels.
Technical informationadd
  • Battery time: 2-4 hours
  • Load time: 6h
  • Battery: Li-ion-battery 2600mAh
  • Stroke length: 12mm
  • RPM levels: 1600 - 3200
  • Motor: Brushless 100.8w (max force)
  • Noise level: ≤65db
  • Weight: 590g
  • Dimensions: 16.5*9*4.5 CM
  • Nozzles: 8
  • Charger: Yes
What's in the box?add
Round head

A round and hard massage head that works as an all-round nozzle. The round shape allows for a larger impact area and an even pressure distribution. It also makes it easy to switch from small to large areas. This massage head is perfect if you want to switch between different muscle groups without changing the nozzle itself.

Silicon round head

This is the softest of all nozzles. It's great for beginners and the perfect option for sensitive and sore areas, such as muscles with exercise soreness.


This bracket has two points, providing a deep sensation for the larger muscles. You can also tilt it so that it works with only one point, making it great, even for small muscles.

Curved cushion

The widest mount is equipped with soft (but strong) cushions that make the intensity differ. Perfect for larger muscles because it covers larger areas.


Thanks to the thin edge at the top, the massage head reaches the long and narrow muscles running along the forearms, lower legs, and spine.


A rounded massage head designed for the smaller and more inaccessible muscle groups in the body, or alternatively local treatment in the larger muscles. The blunt shape makes it easier to apply greater pressure to a specific point, such as trigger points.

Trigger cone

The smaller surface area makes the massage head best suited for trigger point massage and treatment of small and more difficult to reach muscles. The material also has a high friction to allow for lateral massage.

Metal hammer

Perfect for large muscle groups. The metal provides a cooling sensation against the skin over the muscles and is suitable for firm massage.


Charging station with a suction cup that will stick to flat surfaces. Put your Flowgun One on top to charge it.


A bag with compartments for the massage gun as well as the nozzles and the charger. Equipped with handles which makes it easy to carry everywhere.


Smart Pressure Technology

Flowgun One is integrated with Smart Pressure Technology, which employs advanced sensors for real-time monitoring and adjustment of massage pressure. Smart Pressure Technology ensures consistent and optimized pressure for maximum efficiency. The device automatically adjusts the pressure based on individual needs, minimizing the risks of excessive pressure. The outcome is a technically superior massage experience.

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