A series of virtual races

Flowlife Summer Run + Goodiebag

A series of virtual races

Flowlife Summer Run - Just Run

Challenge Yourself Every Week

Every Sunday from July 7 to August 4, we offer a chance to surpass yourself. Choose between shorter distances for faster runs or longer ones to test your endurance.

    Flexibility to Run on Your Terms

    If you cannot start the race at the official time, do not worry. The Sprintcrowd app allows you to run when it suits you best within a week from each official race date. This means you can tailor your participation to your schedule and still have full access to all the race features and tracking.

    Dates and Distances

    The Sprintcrowd app allows you to tailor your participation to suit your personal training goals. Each race could be your new personal best or a gradual preparation for the series' final race on August 4, where you can choose between 10 and 21 km.

    • Sunday, July 7: 5km or 10km
    • Sunday, July 14: 5km or 10km
    • Sunday, July 21: 5km or 10km
    • Sunday, July 28: 5km or 15km
    • Sunday, August 4: 10km or 21km

    How to Use the Sprintcrowd App for the Flowlife Summer Run

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    1. Download the App

      Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Sprintcrowd. Download the app to your smartphone to access all the features and services offered during the races.
    2. Register for the Race

      After you register for the Flowlife Summer Run on our website, you will receive a digital receipt via email. Click on the exclusive link in your receipt to activate your registration in the Sprintcrowd app. Choose your desired distance for each race date. You can update this at any time until you start your race.
    3. Run Your Race

      For each race, you can start at any time during the week. Use the Sprintcrowd app to track your time and distance in real time. The app helps you log your progress and compare it with previous races.

    Community and Engagement

    Participating in the Flowlife Summer Run is about much more than just running; it's about building community. The Sprintcrowd app allows everyone to come together, whether you prefer to participate independently or as part of a group. A mix of live and on-demand sessions creates a vibrant community of runners and fitness enthusiasts.

    Engage Friends, Family, and Colleagues

    • Challenge a Friend

      Why not make the race even more exciting by inviting friends to a friendly competition? See who can beat their personal best or accumulate the most kilometers over the summer.
    • Connect and Follow Along

      In Sprintcrowd, you can add friends and follow their training progress. This includes viewing detailed statistics such as distance and average pace. Also, joint running sessions should be planned based on each other's schedules and preferred routes.
    • Join Running Groups

      Participate in organized running groups through Sprintcrowd, where you can find and connect with other runners in your area. Perfect for days when you're looking for company on your run.

    Share and Inspire

    • Share Your Journey

      Use the hashtag #FlowlifeSummerRun to share your runs, progress, and running experiences on social media. Each post inspires others and increases your chances of winning exciting prizes. Showcase your journey and gather likes and support from the community.
    • Run and Learn

      Each race offers the opportunity to meet new people, exchange tips, and share strategies for running and wellness. The Sprintcrowd app makes it easy to stay connected and support each other, even when you are running in different locations.

    Get Ready!

    You only need a smartphone, headphones, and the will to challenge yourself. Whether you walk, jog, or run, get ready to participate in an exciting summer series. Are you prepared to give it your all from the start?

    Race Day Routine

    1. Prepare Your Gear

    • Charge your smartphone: Make sure your phone is fully charged.
    • Check your headphones: Ensure that your headphones are working correctly.
    • Clothes and shoes: Choose comfortable running clothes and well-broken-in shoes.

    2. Set Up the Sprintcrowd App

    • Open the app and log in. Make sure everything is ready for today's race.
    • Choose your distance: Adjust your distance selection, if necessary, just before you start.
    • Activate location sharing: This is for safe and accurate tracking of your race.

    3. Warm Up with Flowlife Products:

    • Use our products: For optimal warming up, we recommend using our products to increase blood flow and soften the muscles. This helps prepare your body for the effort and reduces the risk of injury.
    • Light physical activity: After using the products, do some light warm-up exercises such as jogging in place or dynamic stretching to raise your body temperature and further prepare the muscles.

    4. Start the Race

    • Choose start time: If possible, start at the official time to sync with live coaching, or begin whenever it suits you within the specified time frame.
    • Be motivated by the app: Use the Sprintcrowd app's coaching features for extra motivation and guidance during the race.

    5. After the Race

    • Save and Review: Save your run in the app and review your performance.
    • Recovery: Continue using our products to aid muscle recovery and hydrate properly.

    Prizes Worth Over 100,000 SEK!

    Take the chance to win incredible prizes worth over 100,000 SEK! Use the hashtag #FlowlifeSummerRun in your social media posts to increase your chances of winning. Each post acts as an extra entry in our grand prize draw. Here are some of the exciting prizes that await:

    Main Prizes

    • A trip for two to Monte Feliz with Apollo or a voucher of equivalent value
    • Free training with Bruce at the Epic membership level
    • Products from IAMRUNBOX and Under Armour
    • Products from Flowlife
    • PT sessions from The Training Club
    • Personal training with The Training Club (Stockholm) and Matthew Griffiths (Gothenburg/digital)
    • Supplements from Pureness
    • Headlamps from Lumonite
    • Energy from Smiling
    • Thirst quenchers from Nocco and Vitamin Well

    More to Win

    More prizes and details will be announced during the Flowlife Summer Run Series, so keep your eyes open and continue sharing your experiences and progress. Each post and share enriches your own and others' experience and improves your chances of going home with something extra. By actively participating and sharing your progress under #FlowlifeSummerRun on social media, you can win these fantastic prizes and contribute to a larger community of runners and fitness enthusiasts.

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