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Are you in pain or need of a relaxing massage? Don't you have the time or the opportunity to visit a physiotherapist? The massage gun is the tool that can allow you to live your life to the fullest.

We saw the tool's potential when physiotherapists and chiropractors started using it. We then refined and improved the massage gun and made it available to people daily. The result was the market giants: Flowgun One, Flowgun PRO 2.0, Flowgun Heat, and Flowgun Air.

Our massage guns enable your active lifestyle. Learn more about our Flowguns and which one is best for you.

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is an auxiliary tool designed to simplify and make self-administered massage accessible. Generally, a massage gun consists of a handle, a percussion arm, an interchangeable massage head, and a battery-powered motor. The motor produces vibrations to the nozzle, forming powerful blows to the part of the body to which the massage gun is directed. The fast and high-intensity strokes allow the massager to provide a sensation beyond traditional massage.

What does a massage gun do?

With high-intensity impact massage, the massage gun softens connective tissue, increases blood circulation, and loosens muscle knots. You can use the massage gun to relax, add to your warm-up, for injury prevention and rehabilitation, or for recovering tired muscles. What's more, a massage gun is portable, giving you access to massage anytime, anywhere.

 Use the massage gun whenever you experience pain, discomfort, or stiffness—you'll feel the difference. The massage gun is for those who want to live without limitations.

Massage gun - Why?

Massage has positive effects on the body. It prevents and relieves muscle aches, counteracts stress, strengthens the immune system, and increases blood circulation. The massage gun can, therefore, complement relaxation, effective warming, improved mobility, and optimized recovery.

If you have the desire to live a life of movement but find that your body limits you, you should have a massage gun.

The massage gun allows you to relax during a hectic day. Massage has many physiological benefits, but enjoying a moment and taking care of yourself is perhaps the greatest.

Who is a massage gun for?

Anyone can use a massage gun. It can be used for various purposes—to complement recovery or relaxation—or, as we like to say, "for athletes and everyone else."

How often should you use a massage gun?

Massage has no known adverse physiological effects (quite the opposite!). You can use a massage gun daily if you wish. For safe use, we recommend starting with the major muscle groups and avoiding sensitive areas. We also recommend gradually increasing the intensity of the treatment.

How to use a massage gun?

Start by selecting the nozzle best suited to the treatment you are looking for. Different nozzles have different purposes and perform other functions. If you're looking for a relaxing treatment, a soft massage head is preferable, while a hard or pointed massage head is better if you want to go deep into the muscle and treat a trigger point, for example.

Then, select the impact strength/treatment program. You can adjust the intensity during the treatment depending on how you feel about it. Some body parts and problem areas are more sensitive than others and need to be treated more gently, and vice versa.

To massage the muscle, move the massage gun lightly over the area you want to treat. The critical thing to remember when using a massage gun is to start the treatment gently and then gradually increase the intensity and the number of times you use it. As with many things, it is a matter of slowly getting your body used to it.

Massage each body part in intervals. Our recommendation is not to massage in one place for more than a minute at a time. If an area feels too tender for spot treatment, massage around it to relieve tension and pain.

Massage Gun - Benefits?

Massaging with a massage gun is effective. The surrounding connective tissue is softened when muscles and ligaments are exposed to the treatment. You experience less stiffness and increased mobility. The intensity of the impact massage releases tension and increases the body's blood circulation. Other massage tools or hands cannot massage with the same effect as a motorized head and, therefore, do not reach as deeply into the tissue.

What to consider when buying a massage gun?

If you don't know what to look for, consider the following: battery life, impact force, stroke length, weight, nozzles, and treatment program.

Battery life
If you plan to massage frequently, choosing a massager with a long battery life may be a good idea to avoid running out of battery power during treatment. Our Flowguns have a battery life of up to eight hours. How long the battery lasts after charging depends on the program and the force with which you massage. Generally, the charging time is around four hours.

The impact is what determines how deep the massage will be. The higher the impact force, the deeper the massage. Our Flowguns have an impact force between 1400 and 3200 strokes per minute. The number of strokes varies depending on the treatment program chosen.

Treatment programme
Different body areas need other types of treatment, depending on the muscle size and the cause of the pain. For example, a more considerable force may benefit from a more robust treatment program. Our Flowguns have between four and six treatment programs.

Stroke length
The stroke length is the length the stroke reaches before the engine stops. Our Flowguns have a stroke length from 8 to 12 mm.

To avoid muscle fatigue during use and to be able to take the massage gun wherever you go, it mustn't weigh too much.

Just as the treatment can be varied in different treatment programs, the massage can be altered using interchangeable nozzles.

Compare our massage guns

  • Battery
  • Performance
  • Motor
  • Specifications
  • Flowgun Pro has a battery life of 3-8 hours and a charging time of 4 hours.

    Battery life

    3-8 Hours

    Load time

    4 Hours

    Battery type

    Li-ion Battery: 2550mAh

    Flowgun One has a battery life of 2-4 hours and a charging time a 6 hours.

    Battery life

    2-4 Hours

    Load time


    Battery type

    Li-ion-batteri 2600mAh

    Flowgun Heat is powered by a robust 2400mAh Li-ion battery. It can be used for 1-2 hours and requires 4-5 hours to charge fully.

    Battery life


    Load time


    Battery type

    Li-ion-batteri 2400mAh

    Flowgun Air has a battery life of 1-2,5 hours and a charging time of 2-3 hours.

    Battery life

    1-2,5 Hours

    Load time

    2-3 Hours

    Battery type

    Li-ion Battery: 1500mAh

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