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Adjustable free weight

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Adjustable free weight

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Flowtank Dumbbell

What is a tank?

A tank is a portable training tool filled with water. The water responds to the slightest movement during use. The water works as an external force and creates weight and angle displacements which force the body to adjust oneself to control the movement of the water. It’s an innovative tool designed to challenge all the muscles in the body, from heart to brain.

At Flowlife you’ll find three different tanks: Flowtank, Flowbell and Flowtank Dumbbell.

What does a tank do?

A tank, regardless of model, stimulates the nervous system and improves the cooperation between the agonist and antagonist muscles (that is, the muscles that work in opposition to each other). Thus reducing the risk of injury.

Why should you have a tank?

There are several reasons to purchase a tank. The purpose can be to challenge the body in different ways (balance / coordination / stability / strength) or to rehabilitate after an injury. The intention may also be to improve their performance by strengthening smaller, specifically selected parts of the body.

Who is a tank for?

A tank can be used by the active athlete as well as the curious person exercising just for fun. You are the one choosing weight and degree of difficulty.

How often should you use a tank?

You can use a tank as often as you want! We recommend changing water every 20 days (tanks that are not in use may need to change water more often).

What does a tank cost?

Flowtank: € 89

Flowbell, 33 kg: 89

Flowbell, 15 kg: 69

Flowtank Dumbbell: 49

How much does a tank weigh?

You can fill and empty the tank with water depending on purpose, or the shape of the day. All tanks have a maximum weight:

Flowtank: Up to 25 kg.

Flowbell, 33 kg: Up to 33 kg.

Flowbell, 15 kg: Up to 15 kg.

Flowtank Dumbbell: Up to 11 kg.

Which tank should you choose?

Fortunately there is a tank for everyone! No one's choice or combination is wrong. You can combine the different varieties of tanks with each other. For example, a Flowtank can be completed by a Flowbell, which has an opposite geometric shape, to get more out of a workout. Or why not workout with two Flowtank Dumbbells at the same time?

Benefits of our Tanks

How can a Flowtank help me?

Here you can read how our different Flowtanks can help taking your workouts to the next level.

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