Which massage gun should I choose?

Choosing a massage gun isn’t always easy, and the choice can be based on various factors. Some of the most common factors include whether you have used a massage gun before, whether you lead a very active lifestyle, and the reason you want a massage gun. This post covers the differences between our different massage guns!

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Massage guns for different people and situations

Flowgun Pro 2.0

Flowgun offers a powerful premium treatment that is also flexible due to its six different massage heads. This massage gun is perfect for anyone who wants to use it professionally, such as an elite athlete, a chiropractor, or a physiotherapist.

Flowgun measurements:

  • From the start button at the top to the charging socket at the bottom: 25 cm

  • From mouthpiece with a nozzle to rear edge: 20 cm

  • Weight: 970 g

Flowgun GO 2.0!

The most affordable massage gun on the market, offering everything you need for personal home use. It is also designed to be easy to take with you anywhere. Flowgun Go has a long battery life and good power and is suitable for anyone who wants to start using a massage gun. Like its predecessor Flowgun, it has a handy carrying case and six massage heads.

Measurements for Flowgun Go:

  • From the start button at the top to the charging socket at the bottom: 23 cm

  • From mouthpiece with a nozzle to rear edge: 20.5 cm

  • Weight: 790 g


Flowgun Pocket

A new generation massage gun that is small and sleek but offers tremendous power. This massage gun is perfect for taking to work, the gym, or traveling – it simply goes everywhere! Flowgun Pocket is perfect for ideal who don’t want to compromise on either size or strength.

Flowgun Pocket dimensions:

  • From the start button at the top to the charging socket at the bottom: 16 cm

  • From the mouthpiece with a nozzle to the rear edge: 15 cm

  • Weight: 495 g

    Which one should you choose?

    So now, for the million-dollar question, which one should you choose?

    Apart from the price, the most obvious difference between each massage gun is their highest vibration mode. With Flowgun  PRO 2.0, this goes up to about 240 watts, Flowgun Go 2.0 about 180 watts, and Flowgun Pocket 100 watts. That means you get the most potent maspotenth Flowgun, but Flowgun Pocket and Flowgun Go are powerful enough to meet most people’s needs.

    Flowgun PRO 2.0 gives you a few more options to customize your massage, as the frequency of the five different speed levels ranges from 1400–3200 rpm, while Flowgun GO 2.0 has a range of 1700–2800 rpm, and Flowgun Pocket has a range of 2000–3200 rpm.

    We tend to say that Flowgun PRO 2.0 is mainly targeted at elite athletes, people working in the physio industry, or those in need of extra deep massage looking for the absolute premium product, while Flowgun GO 2.0 is more than enough for regular users who want to improve recovery and performance at a great price. Flowgun Pocket is perfect if you want to combine.

     For more inspiration, watch our comparison video below!

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