Why cork?

There are plenty of benefits with natural cork, especially when it comes to using it as a tool in the practice of yoga. Natural cork is antibacterial, durable and as good as resistant to dirt and dust. Those three factors will make a cork product last for a long time. Cork is also impermeable to liquid which means it can be exposed to sweat and water without absorbing odors or being destroyed.

Natural cork and yoga

Natural cork is good for the grip. A good grip gives you a better position which gives you the chance to develop your yoga practice. Natural cork makes you feel close to nature and the ground, something that most of the yoga practitioners prefer during their practice.

How is cork made?

Cork is extracted from  cork oaks growing in the countries around the Mediterranean. Flowlife's cork products are made from cork oaks in Portugal.
One of the main benefits of producing products in cork is that it has a very liow impact on the environment and nature. This is because no trees are harvested during extraction. The only thing you harvest is the bark from the tree itself. A cork oak can be harvested up to 20 times as the bark grows back, which can make the trees up to 200 years old.

Why natural rubber?

Natural rubber is good for several reasons. It is heavy which gives great stability and makes the mat remain flat on the surface you place it on. Also, natural rubber is nontoxic and environmentally friendly!

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